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Social Media Manager

Manage all of your social media platforms in one place

✔️ Manage Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram

✔️ Monitor what people are saying about you with custom feeds

✔️ Send and schedule social media posts

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Social media all in one place | CRM & Marketing Automation

Social Media in One Place

Manage multiple social media platforms from a single dashboard

The Social Media Manager allows you to manage Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter all from a single dashboard within the CRM.

Monitor | CRM & Marketing Automation


keep an eye on your social media

Tracking your footprint across multiple social media channels can be difficult. 

Our Social Media Manager allows you to not only monitor multiple social media platforms, it also allows you to set up custom streams so you can monitor posts, mentions, retweets, likes and more.

Schedule Posts | | CRM & Marketing Automation

Schedule Posts

choose what time your posts go out

Send and schedule posts directly from the CRM, without needing to log in to each platform.

Our platform gives you the ability to send posts directly, or schedule them to go out at a later date. 

You can send the same post out across multiple platforms and you only have to schedule it once!

Content Planner | CRM & Marketing Automation

Content Planner

know what's going out and when

Our content planner gives you the ability to see what posts are going out on what platform and when they are going out.

The easy to use calendar tells you at a glance what content you have scheduled, allowing you to alter your posts to fit current global events, fluctuations in your industry's market or what's trending.

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