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Reporting & Analytics

Customised real-time sales and marketing reports

✔️ Create customised module-based reports

✔️ Utilise ready to-go sales performance reports

✔️ Filter reports by campaigns

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Custom Reports | CRM & Marketing Automation

Custom Reports

drop widgets to create reports SPECIFICALLY for your business

Create customised sales and marketing reports that update in real-time and can be accessed by your team, allowing you to easily and quickly stay on top of your activities.

Sales Performance | CRM & Marketing Automation

Sales Performance

track your revenue and conversion rates

Track how many opportunities you have at each stage of the pipeline, the health of your othe value of your sales pipeline, the health of your opportunities and the stage of each opportunity with automated sales reports to help you better forecast sales.

Activity Reports | CRM & Marketing Automation

Activity Reports

keep on top of your sales team

See what's been sent, what needs to be done and who needs to do it, with our powerful activity and follow-up reports.

You will be able to log calls and see emails that have taken place with your opportunities, allowing you to spot any gaps and close the deal.

Filer Reports | CRM & Marketing Automation

Filter Reports

easily filter your reports to get the information you need

You can quickly and easily filter reports by a specific campaign, a chosen date range, where your prospects are in the sales journey and much more.

Filter the entire report, or filter specific widgets in your report to create a dashboard that fits your specific requirements.

Save & Schedule Reports | CRM & Marketing Automation

Save & Schedule Reports

send reports to key members of your team when the time is right

Create a report and save it so you can access it at anytime. 

Or, create a report and schedule it to go to select people in your team so they get only the information they need.

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