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Close deals faster

✔️ Manage your contacts

✔️ Automate the sales process

✔️ Customise your sales pipeline

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manage your contacts and get stuff done

Assign contacts to the right sales member, get a lifetime view of your contacts activity and store data you can use to close the sale.

accounts crm and marketing automation


map multiple contacts from the same business

Managing multiple contacts from the same business has never been easier. Assign contacts to an account and see all activity in one place, allowing you to stay in control and make the right decisions. 

sales pipeline crm and marketing automation


create customisable sales pipelines

Be in control of your hottest opportunities with your own customisable sales pipeline, allowing you to set your own deal stages and monitor the value and revenue of your sales funnel. 

sales report crm and marketing automation

Sales Reports

create custom REAL-time sales reports

Monitor the performance of your sales pipelines, from what campaign is driving the most sales, to your biggest revenue driving sales colleague.

sales optimiser crm and marketing automation

Sales Optimiser

Automate the creation of opportunities, tasks and actions based on opportunity pipeline stages

Remove repetitive, monotonous and time-consuming tasks from your funnel by automating sections of your sales process. 

smart mail crm and marketing automation

Smart Mail

send 1-to-1 emails to contacts directly from the crm

Want to know if your prospect read your email? Sending emails directly from the CRM allows you to track opens and clicks, and allows you to create templates for those everyday emails.

You can also track emails from external mailbox with our MailSync, making sure all of your information is one place.

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