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Marketing Automation

Automate your marketing and drive more sales

✔️ Visual workflow journeys

✔️ Lead scoring

✔️ Track user engagement

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Visual Workflows

turn complex user journeys into easy to manage visual workflows

Take your prospects and customers on an automated journey that converts leads into customers and customers into repeat customers.

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Lead Scoring

know what leads are hot and what leads are not

Stay on top of your hottest leads and strike while the iron's hot with up to date lead scoring based on your leads behaviour.

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Life of the Lead

know what your leads like

Forget the small talk, have a conversation with a prospect based on what you know they like. See pages they've visited, emails they've clicked on and whitepapers they have downloaded, with a comprehensive overview of their lifetime activity.

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create forms or Integragte your existing forms

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and manual entry. Use integrated forms to send contact data directly into your CRM system.

Capture more information from your contacts through the use of progressive profiling.

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Rules-based Lists

create segmented lists based on the information you know

Segment your database and send emails to lists based on the things you know about them. From pages your contacts have visited to their favourite products you sell.

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