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Additional Features

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✔️ Schedule meetings without the need for a secretary 

✔️ Create your buyer personas and deliver the right content

✔️ Track all of your campaigns and integrate your favourite apps

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Meetings | CRM & Marketing Automation


say goodbye to back-and-forth emails

"Are you free at 10?" "I can't, but I can do 12." "Sorry, I can't do 12."

Let your prospects and clients book meetings in your calendar without ever having to send an email.

Meetings sync with your calendar to show people when you are available.

Personas | CRM & Marketing Automation


Build your personas in Constant contact and automate their buyer journey

Create your buyer personas and use them to help build content around your audience. 

Build dynamic emails and landing pages that meet the specific needs of your buyer personas. 

CRM & Marketing Automation | CRM & Marketing Automation

Campaign Tracking

see where your leads are coming from and what campaigns are delivering results

You can track any campaign you want, from your Google Ads to your Facebook ads, we give you the opportunity to not only see where your contacts are coming from, but also the ROI of your campaigns, which you can you use to build custom reports.

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connect your favourite apps

Thanks to our built-in PieSync integration, you can quickly and easily connect 100's of your favourite apps without having to employ a developer.

But for those of you who do want to go a step further, our open API allows you to connect... well, anything you want!

Media Hub | CRM & Marketing Automation

Media Hub

store and track your guides, whitepapers and more

Our Media Hub gives you the ability to store your companies most valuable content and track your prospects interaction with them, allowing you to follow up with similar content they might enjoy. 

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put your industry leading expertise into a blog

Drive traffic from Google Searches and convert that traffic into known contacts with your very own blog.

Our blog is SEO ready - giving you the templated structure to write great content, without having to worry about learning any SEO.

CRM and marketing automation_video calls

Video Calls

chat with your team or with your clients

You can set up calls with your team or set up one-to-one calls with your prospects and clients in seconds using video conferencing.

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Provide support for your website visitors with automated chatbots

Create custom chatbots for your web pages that adapt to what your audience is looking for and reduce bounce rates on your website.

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